Pairing a Bluetooth card reader (Miura M010) with a mobile device

The card reader and a mobile communicate via Bluetooth and need to be paired in order to establish the connection.

As we've already mentioned, pairing is the process required to mutually register the information on Bluetooth devices to be connected wirelessly. In order to establish successful communication between the device running Bizzon application and the printer, you need to pair them. 

To establish a Bluetooth connection (pairing devices):

  1. Turn on the card reader by pressing the blue power button on the top of the reader.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth pairing function on the card reader by holding down the Enter () button or the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds. It is important to immediately release the Bluetooth button after it starts flashing faster than usual. When the indicator lamp on the Bluetooth button rapidly flashes a blue light and the Bluetooth icon on the display starts flashing, the card reader is in pairing mode.
  3. Go to your mobile device Settings -> Bluetooth and turn on the Bluetooth connection.
  4. Select the card reader from the list of available Bluetooth devices. Your card reader will be titled as AgentCash + last three digits of the serial number (e.g. AgentCash 343). Select it to pair.
  5. A PIN will display on the screen of the mobile device. Compare it with the passkey displayed on the card reader, it needs to be the same key.
  6. Press Enter () on the card reader to confirm that the PIN and the passkey are the same.
  7. Click OK on the mobile device to complete the pairing. The blue light will now flash slowly to indicate that Bluetooth is on.

The card reader is now listed as Paired under the list of Bluetooth devices on the mobile.

Note 1.: On Android ver. 8.0 (and higher) the window appears. Tap PAIR to confirm pairing without selecting the checkbox.

After devices have been successfully paired via Bluetooth, select the card reader in Bizzon application:

  1. Sign in to the application.
  2. Open the application menu by tapping () and select Settings -> Card reader.
  3. Check if the card reader is marked with the orange tick (AgentCash 777 ). If not, select the card reader in the list by tapping on it or add a smart terminal.

From now on, your card reader will auto-connect to the app whenever you turn it on.

Note 2.: The card reader should be paired with only one mobile device at a time.

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