Creating a product

Here's how to create a product from the Bizzon dashboard on the web:

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon account on the web,
  2. in the main menu, select Products,
  3. click +ADD to add a new product,
  4. enter the name under the Name line.
  5. A tile label is displayed in the app product list (and shortcut grid) next to its full name. There is no need to define it, it is automatically generated once you name your product. However, it can be defined or renamed.
  6. Select the tile icon colour from the spectrum or add an image by clicking Select a file. 
    The recommended image format is a square of size at least 100x100 pixels.
    The product image (e.g. picture, brand logo, etc.) will be visible in the app.
  7. Enter the unit price of the product.
  8. If the tax is calculated in the price, move the slider to the right at a specific tax rate (e.g. VAT 20%). Make sure that in the Settings -> General the slider All taxes are included in my prices is activated.
  9. When finished, click the SAVE button.
    The product is now visible in the product list.
  10. To make products visible and available in the app, re-enter the application on your mobile devices.

Optionally, you can:

  • Categorize a product. Click the Category drop-down menu and select the existing category or create a new one by clicking '+' next to the drop-down menu.
    The products added to the webshop will be grouped by category.
  • Enter the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) code.
  • Enter the product barcode if you are using a barcode scanner.
  • Enter the weight of the product in kg (e.g. for 250g enter 0.25 using the comma as a decimal point). Use this option to calculate the shipping cost for the products added to the webshop.
  • Add a product description that will be visible next to the product in the webshop.
  • Add the product with a variable price by leaving the price field empty. Use the variable price option when you wish to enter the price of the product later, at the time of a sale.
    Note: price entry is mandatory for the products added to the web store.
  • Enter a sale price for the product you wish to put on the sale. In the app, the product will be displayed with the sale price.
    The original price in the webshop will be displayed in strikethrough format (like this) and the sale price in regular format.
  • Enable inventory tracking for each product.
  • Add components to create a composite product
    Use this option if you are tracking the inventory.
  • Mark product as purchasable or sellable.
  • Add multiple variants of a product (e.g. size, colour, flavour, kind, sort, volume...).
  • To add webshop item pictures, add pictures to the gallery by dropping images to the gallery box or by clicking the SELECT A FILE button.
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