Create and send online offers

One of the many advantages of online offers is the ability to adjust the content for the customer's needs.

Sending an online offer is especially suitable for apartment renters and other service providers, whose prices vary depending on the service time duration, time of the year (season), number of people, etc. After the offer is created, the offer is sent to the buyer via e-mail.
The received link leads the customer to an online form for payment.

While creating an offer, it is possible to:

  • add a product/service from a web store into the offer,
  • create and add a new product/service (e.g. reservation),
  • edit the price, quantity and, optionally, add discounts/surcharges,
  • determine the duration of the offer,
  • add a message, i.e. description of the offer,
  • send an offer to a particular customer from a previously created customer list,
  • create a new customer and edit customer information (contact, company name, address, etc.). 


Here's how to create a new offer:

  1. Log into your Bizzon administrator user account on the web,
  2. in the menu click on the Webshop -> Offers,
  3. click the +ADD button,
  4. optionally, enter the serial number of the offer (in the number format e.g. 56).
  5. select offer language in the drop-down menu under the Language label,
  6. in the drop-down menu under the Customer lablel, select a customer name from the list, or create a new one by entering a name in the menu field, and then click Create new.
    The name and e-mail fields are mandatory!
    Optionally, you can add a message in the Description field.
  7. In the drop-down menu under the Item label, click on the arrow and select a product you want to add to the offer or create a new product by entering the product name in the menu field and then click Create new.
  8. Edit the amount and price of the product.
    Optionally you can select the tax and/or add a discount.
  9. By clicking on the calendar icon, select the expiration date of the offer.
    Optionally, you can edit the expiration hour of the offer, as well.
  10. When finished, click on the SAVE button.
    After saving the order in the offer list, it will be displayed as Draft and will not be not sent yet!
  11. Select an offer from the offer list and optionally edit it by clicking EDIT, delete it by clicking the garbage bin icon, Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_16.21.47.png or send it to the customer by clicking SEND.

You can see the sent offer format by selecting the offer from the list and clicking the VIEW OFFER button.
The customer will receive an e-mail with a link to the payment form.

Order processing:

After the customer has made the payment, the offer automatically appears on the offer list as Paid.
If you want to connect this offer to already made payments, click the FIND PAYMENTS button and select a payment from the drop-down menu.
After the service has been delivered, (i.e. the product is delivered to the customer), you can mark the offer as fulfilled by clicking on the MARK AS FULFILLED button.

Sending a payment confirmation:

  1. Log in to your Bizzon web user account as an administrator,
  2. click on Sales -> Payments,
  3. select the payment from the list,
  4. click the VIEW RECEIPT button to print the payment confirmation or save it in PDF format,
  5. click the E-MAIL RECEIPT to send a payment receipt via e-mail.
    Enter the e-mail to which you want to send the offer and click SEND E-MAIL.

*Online credit card payment must be activated to send an online offer (E-commerce).


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