4. Product description

The product description must include:

  • the correct title
  • a description of the product's properties/composition (e.g. in cosmetic products it would be a list of ingredients)
  • final retail price in £*

Next to the retail price of the product, it should be highlighted everything that is included in it (discounts, taxes, manipulative costs and other public fees) and to point up if there is an additional cost (e.g. for delivery).

If the final price cannot be determined in advance, because of product specification, then it is necessary to describe the exact way of calculating the price. 

* If the price is expressed in another currency, it is important to make a statement about currency conversion.

Note: This article has an informative purpose. Bizzon disclaims any responsibility from consequence for the use of the terms and trading conditions referred to in this article. For the exact terms and conditions of a specific trade sector, consult with a tax administration office or an accountant.

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