Bluetooth printer pairing

Before purchasing a printer, make sure the model is compatible with the Bizzon application. Also, check the technical specifications of the printer for compatibility with the operating system used by your mobile device (Android, iOS).

What is Bluetooth pairing?

Pairing is the process required to mutually register the information on Bluetooth devices to be connected wirelessly. In order to establish successful communication between the device running Bizzon application and the printer, you need to pair them. 

To pair and set up a Bluetooth printer in the application, follow these steps as described in the tutorial below.

1. Before connecting the printer to Bizzon application, pair it with your mobile device:

  1. Tap the icon Settings on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Bluetooth settings.
  3. Move the slider to the right, to activate the Bluetooth connection on your mobile device.
  4. Turn on the printer and place it next to your mobile device.
  5. Tap Search for new devices or Scan in your Bluetooth device settings.
  6. Select the printer on the list of available devices in the Bluetooth device settings.
  7. The mobile device will ask for the PIN to pair the devices. (Try with: 0000 or 1234).
  8. If the pairing was successful, the printer will appear on the list of paired devices in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile device.



Once the printer has paired successfully with your mobile device, connect it with the Bizzon app and edit the printer preferences.

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