Description of the columns in the product import/export table

Although there are many columns in the products import (.CSV) / export file (.CSV or .XLSX), not all of them are mandatory to fill out.

The columns left blank will be ignored on importing as well as the ones which are not defined by the original header. You can do do the multiple imports with a single spreadsheet.

When editing a spreadsheet, leave the original header (the first line of the table) unchanged!  

Labels of columns:

id, variant_id

Bizzon generates these as unique IDs for each product. Leave unchanged in the exported file or leave them blank in case of adding a new product to the product list.


This field is mandatory.

This is your unique id for a product.

For handle title, you can use lower and upper case letters as well as the underscore (_). Special characters and spaces are not allowed.

Variants of a product will have the same handle as that product.

A handle is also used as a part of an URL for the product in the web store


This column is mandatory and must be filled out!

It contains a product name. 

For variants, enter the same name as a product name.


Name of a category to which the product is assigned to. The category must be created before the product is imported. For managing categories follow instructions as described in this article.

variant_option_one_name, variant_option_one_value, variant_option_two_name, variant_option_two_value, variant_option_three_name, variant_option_three_value

These are the name/value pairs which define variants of a product.

e.g. For the variant name colour enter ‘colour’ under the variant_option_one_name column for this product and copy paste entire row for each value. If a variant has two values e.g. green and black, add one additional row and enter 'green' in one row and 'black' in a second row under the variant_option_one_value column.

Don’t forget to copy/paste the product handle for the variant and all its values.

retail_price_excl_tax, retail_price_incl_tax

In one of these columns enter the retail prices excluding or including tax. Only one of those two columns is needed, since the other one will be calculated, depending on whether you are showing price with or without tax.

If a tax is included, enable the slider 'ALL TAXES ARE INCLUDED IN MY PRICES' in your merchant profile (Settings->General->Edit merchant) on the web.

Leaving these columns blank will create a product with a variable price.


Under this column enter tax handle.

e.g. For the VAT 20% enter ‘vat_2000’.

If there is more than one, separate it by a comma.

e.g. When using VAT 20% & VAT 3% enter ‘vat_2000,vat_300’ under this column.


If you have a product on sale, the regular retail price will be stored here.


Enter the weight of a product in 'kg'. This value is used to calculate the product shipment price added to the web store.


If you are using a barcode scanner for adding products to the cart, enter the product barcode in this field.


The label showed on the product tile (4 characters) e.g. PKV4


Colour of the tile, visible next to the product name in the list of products or as a product shortcut.


Set up the value of this field to ‘1’ if you are tracking this product in an inventory.

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