What do columns in import/export table represent?

Although there are many columns in the products import (.CSV) / export file (.CSV or .XLSX), you do not need to fill all values. The blank columns will be ignored in import, as well as the ones not defined by the original header. 

It is important to leave the original header unchanged (the first row of the table)! 


  • id, variant_id

Bizzon generates these values as unique ID's for each product. Do not change them in the exported file or leave the cells blank in case of adding new products to the product list.


  • sku

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number.


  • composite_handle

This column directly refers to a component name in a composite item.
For each component, an extra row will be created.


  • composite_sku

Stock Keeping Unit number of a composite item component.


  • composite_quantity

The quantity of a component used in composite item (e.g. a shot of vodka in a mixed drink: 0.025l).


  • composite_unit

The unit of a component used in a composite item (e.g. litre, box, bottle, piece...).


  • handle

This field is mandatory, it is your unique product ID.

You can use lower and upper case letters as well as the underscore (_) for handle title characters. Special characters and spaces are not allowed.

Product variants will have the same handle as the product.

A handle is also used as a part of a URL for the product in the web store.


  • name

This column is mandatoryit contains a product name!

For variants, enter the same value.


  • description

Webshop item descriptions, written inside HTML paragraph tags (<p>like this</p>).


  • category

It's the category name to which the product is assigned to. There is no need to create the categories before the import, they will be created automatically!


  • variant_option_one_name, variant_option_one_value, variant_option_two_name, variant_option_two_value, variant_option_three_name, variant_option_three_value

These are the name/value pairs that define the product variants.

For example, enter ‘colour’ under the variant_option_one_name for the variant name colour column (for this product) and copy-paste the entire row for each value.
If a variant has two values (e.g. green and black), add one additional row and enter 'green' in one row and 'black' in a second row under the variant_option_one_value column.

Don’t forget to copy/paste the product handle for the variant and all its values.


  • retail_price_excl_tax, retail_price_incl_tax

These columns represent the retail prices with or without tax.
Only one of those two columns is necessary since the other one can be calculated.

If a tax is included, enable the slider 'All taxes are included in my prices' in your merchant profile (Settings -> General -> Edit Merchant) on the web dashboard.

Leaving these columns blank will create a product with a variable price.


  • taxes

This is the tax handle.
e.g. for the VAT 20% enter ‘vat_2000’.

If there is more than one tax applied to the product, separate it with a comma.
e.g. When using VAT 20% AND VAT 3% enter ‘vat_2000,vat_300’.


  • regular_retail_price

If you have a product on sale, the regular retail price will be stored here.


  • weight

The product weight (in kilos).
This value is used to calculate the product shipment price in the webshop.


  • barcode 

Enter the product barcode in this field if you are using a barcode scanner.


  • tile_label

The label displayed on the product tile (four-character-format), e.g. PKV4


  • tile_color

Colour of the tile (HTML colour code) that appears next to the product name in the product list or as a product shortcut.


  • purchasable, sellable

The values of these columns can be either 'true' or 'false'.
Set the value of this cell to ‘true’ in 'purchasable' column if this is a purchasable item.
Apply the same criteria for 'sellable' column.



  • inventory_tracking

The values of these columns can be either 'true' or 'false'.
Set the value of this cell to ‘true’ if you want to track this product in an inventory.


  • inventory_web_warehouse

Stock amount.

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