3. Changing user password

To change a user password:

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon user account on the web. If you want to change a password for another user, you must sign in as administrator.
  2. In the main menu go to Settings->Users.
  3. Select a user from the list of users you wish to edit.
  4. Click EDIT.
  5. Enter your current password on the line under the Your current password label. If you are an administrator, type in your administrator password.               Screenshot_2019-10-29_at_15.45.29.png
  6. Enter a new password for a user on the line under the New password label. Screenshot_2019-10-29_at_15.45.35.png
  7. Confirm the new password by entering it again on the line under the Password confirmation label.
  8. To save changes, click SAVE.

The user will now be able to sign in with a new password. Only the users with administrator role have permission to change passwords for another user.

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