What are 'comps' and 'voids'?



Comps are complimentary items

Comps are used for stuff given away for free ('on the house').
This option can be used for many reasons: entry errors, the dissatisfied customer, the customer changed her/his mind, business partners, friends or family, staff meal, etc.

In the app the comp item price will be displayed with zero price in regular format and the old price in strikethrough format (e.g. Tea  )

Comp items are displayed on the issued invoice with zero price and the comp reason added as a note.

You can track comps and voids in the reports.





Voids are cancellations

If a customer orders a meal has a change of mind after that, the waiter is able to void this item by simply deleting it from the order. This information is sent via the app to the kitchen, and that particular item (or an entire order) gets canceled.

You also use voids for staff errors, misunderstandings, or if you've just sold out an item! 

Voided items will be displayed in strikethrough format (e.g. Tea  ) in the open order, but will not be included in the invoice.

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