What are Comps and Voids for?

Voids are cancellations

If a customer orders a meal and then change a mind, a waiter can void this item from the order by simply deleting it from the order. This information is sent via the app to the kitchen, and the order is cancelled.

Voided items are shown within the order stricken through (e.g. Juice 3£) and are not counted on the invoice.

You can void entry errors if someone on the staff heard wrong, a customer changed their mind or you are fresh out of an item. Sold out is good. 

Comps are complimentary items

Comps are used for stuff given away for free ('on the house').

The price of comp items is shown within the order stricken through (e.g. Tea ) and is not summed up to a total amount.

Comp items are shown on the issued invoice with the price of 0£ and a title of a comp reason is added as a note.

You can track the record of comps and voids in the reports.

Comps can be used for many reasons: entry errors, the customer changed the mind or complains, there is an important partner at your place, friends or family, employee discounts. Make them happy. 

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