User roles and permissions

When adding new users, it is necessary to define their user roles. Roles can be viewed as clusters of permissions over system functions, ranged from unrestricted to restricted. 


  • Administrators are users with administrator permissions. In simple terms, they are highest-level users with all permissions, including those to modify and edit other users' user roles and credentials (on the same account).
  • Managers have all sales permissions but are restricted from altering the system configuration. 
  • Cashiers are users with limited permissions. They can issue invoices, and they can only see the invoices they’ve issued and can not cancel invoices nor refund payments. Cashiers are not allowed to add or edit products. They cannot see the reports.

Assigning more than one user role per user is not allowed.

Below is a table of role permissions over different functions. 



Add discount to cart  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Per item allowed, on cart restricted
Delete an open (saved) order  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted
Add custom item to cart* Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted
Void saved item from cart  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted
Comp item(s) from cart Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted
Add a manual surcharge to cart Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed 
Open cash drawer manually Allowed  Allowed  Restricted Restricted
Make a refund  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted Restricted
Edit products  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted Restricted
Add products  Allowed  Allowed  Restricted Restricted
Correct invoices* Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Clean application data  Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Toggle Open checks on/off Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Toggle Shift management on/off Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Select register mode  Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Create user sessions (pull cashiers button) Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Edit notes  Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted
Access over other open orders  Allowed  Restricted Restricted Restricted


*Add custom item to the cart - one-off item created just for the current order. 
*Correct invoices - negative posting, the function is not enabled by default and is country-specific. 

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