4. How to add a promo code (custom discount)?

To add a custom discount:

  1. Sign in to the Bizzon/AgentCASH application.
  2. Switch to a grid view.
  3. Tap the 'pen' icon to edit the grid.
  4. Tap + sign in the grid where you wish to add a custom discount shortcut.
  5. In the top menu select DISCOUNT.
  6. Select previously created promo code (discount) from the list or tap Add custom discount to add a new discount.
  7. Enter:
    • percentage (%) of the custom discount or
    • tap on the £ to enter the amount of the discount in Pounds.
  8. Add a description of the discount.
  9. Tap Add.
  10. Tap ✔ DONE to save changes in the grid.

After you have added the promo code as a shortcut to the grid, you can add it to the cart by tapping on it. The promo code applies to the total amount in the cart.

To remove a promo code from the cart, select the promo code in the cart and tap on the red 'trash icon'.

Only one promo code can be added to the cart at a time.

If using a tablet and a smartphone, you need to add a custom discount for each device, separately. Shortcut created on a smartphone will not be visible on a tablet and vice versa.

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