Adding promo codes (custom discounts) and service charge shortcuts to the grid

Just like products, service charges and various discounts can be added to the shortcut grid, too.
This could be very convenient and help speed things up, especially during peak hours.


Here's how to add a custom discount:

  1. Sign in to the Bizzon application.
  2. Switch to a grid view.
  3. Tap the 'pen' icon to edit the grid.
  4. Tap + sign in the grid where you wish to add a custom discount shortcut.
  5. In the top menu select DISCOUNT* button.
  6. Select previously created promo code (discount) from the list or tap ADD CUSTOM DISCOUNT button to add a new discount.
  7. Enter:
    • percentage (%) of the custom discount or
    • tap the currency sign to enter the amount of the discount.
  8. Add a description of the discount.
  9. Tap 'Add'.
  10. Tap 'Done' to save changes in the grid.

* - the procedure for adding service charge to the grid is almost identical, all you need to do is select SERVICE CHARGE instead of DISCOUNT.

After you have added the promo code as a shortcut to the grid, you can add it to the cart by tapping on it. The promo code applies to the total amount in the cart.

To remove a promo code from the cart, select the promo code in the cart and tap the red 'trash icon' on the bottom.

Only one promo code can be added to the cart at a time.

If you are using both tablets and smartphones, it will have to be done separately because the shortcuts created on a smartphone are not visible on tablets and vice versa.

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