Adding/voiding items from saved checks

To add or void an item from the taken order:

  1. Tap the 'Pin' icon in the app menu. Here you will find the list of taken orders.
  2. Select the order from the list to modify items in the cart:
    • To void an item from the order, select it by tapping and then tap the red 'trash' icon.
      Note: if there are 'void reasons' defined for your account in the web dashboard, the app is going to ask you to select one of them. All you need to do is select the reason and tap VOID.
    • Add a new item to the cart from the products list or the grid.
  3. To save changes, tap on SAVE CHECK (on a tablet) or SAVE (on a smartphone).
    Old items are going to be slightly greyed out, new items will be added to the bottom, and voided items will be displayed as strikethrough, with a VOID note below.

Learn more about void reasons and when to use them

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