Taking and saving open orders

To save an order, open checks option must be enabled in the Bizzon application settings.

To take and save an open order:

  1. Add products to the cart and tap SAVE (with a pin icon next to it) to save the order. Order name gets automatically generated (e.g. Walk-in 12:03:30).
    Alternatively, you can change the order name to something more useful to you (e.g. 'table no. 7', 'VIP lounge order', etc).
  2. Enter the number of covers. If the number of covers is equal or exceeds the 'minimum persons' defined for the service charge, the service charge will automatically be added to the cart.
  3. To save the order, tap SAVE.
  4. Once the order has been saved, it can easily be modified.


Note: When you save an order it will be immediately sent to any printer with 'Order printer' option turned on in the printer settings window. For example, you will probably want that option enabled for your kitchen printer. That way, the order will be printed in the kitchen after you've saved the order.

Note: Open orders are not supported in the offline mode.

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