Taking a card payment

Before taking a card payment, make sure:

  • the card reader is paired with a mobile device via the Bluetooth connection,
  • the card reader is marked () in the Settings->Devices->Card reader as a connected card reader in the Bizzon app,
  • the card reader is nearby a mobile device and turned on (if in a sleep mode, press any key on the keypad of the reader to activate it),
  • the Wi-Fi or mobile data is available and turned on.

To take a card payment:

  1. Sign in to the Bizzon app:
    • If in a simple charge mode, type in the amount you wish to charge, on the numpad in the Bizzon app. Optionally, add notes.
    • If in a register mode, add items to the cart and tap on the total amount or on the arrow (>). Optionally, add notes.
  2. In the menu, tap on the Card to take a card payment.
  3. Ask the customer to tap, insert or swipe the card.
  4. If a transaction was successful, find it in the card transaction payments list.
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