1. Download Bizzon/AgentCASH

* we are in the middle of rebranding, so AgentCASH will be Bizzon soon

AgentCASH runs on any Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, Windows 10 mobile device or desktop.

Throw in a card reader, and it turns your mobile device into a mobile POS system.

With AgentCASH app, you can:

  • Add, edit and organise all of your products or services into a neat and visually informative folder system
  • Quickly set up shopping carts and add discounts
  • Charge cash or all major debit and credit cards
  • Print receipts or issue them by e-mail and text messages
  • Monitor your business in the web dashboard utility and see relevant data in easy to understand graphs and charts.

Check the compatibility of your mobile device before downloading the app

Download AgentCASH for Android from Google Play Store*.

  1. Find AgentCASH app.
  2. Tap Install and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Open to sing in or to create your AgentCASH account.

Download AgentCASH for iPhone or iPad from the App store*

  1. Find AgentCASH app.
  2. Tap cloud icon to download.
  3. Tap Open to sign in or to create your AgentCASH account.

Download AgentCASH for Windows 10 mobile device*:

  1. Tap the Store icon on your mobile device.
  2. Find AgentCASH app.
  3. Tap Get to download.
  4. Before signing in, you have to sign up for your AgentCASH account. 

Download AgentCASH for Windows 10 desktop*:

  1. Visit the Microsoft store on the web.
  2. Click Get the app to download.


* Google Play/Apple/Microsoft store need your billing info to create an account. For further question refer to their support. 

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