Supported Barcode Scanners

We support a variety of barcode scanners from industry leaders such as ZEBEX, PowaPOS, and others.

Our Android application enables you to scan and assign a barcode to any of your products. Once you have added a barcode registered to the product in our system, scanning the barcode will simply add this product to the cart.


Supported ZEBEX barcode scanners

  • Z-3250BT Bluetooth (recommended)
  • Z-3191LE USB


Using your barcode scanner and the virtual keyboard on your mobile device

Barcode scanners are identified as physical (hardware) keyboard when paired with Android devices. This might disable the virtual (soft) keyboard on your Android device.

To enable both, virtual keyboard and the barcode scanner:

  • Go to Android System Settings
  • Select Language & Input
  • Under Keyboard and input methods select Default
  • Uncheck the physical keyboard in the options dialogue (see image below)

You should now be able to use both your barcode scanner and the virtual keyboard.



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