AgentCASH Web Release Notes

AgentCASH v4.0.16 (12th March 2019)
  • Added support for room charge signature in receipt template.
  • NF 525: Implemented thorough integrity checking.
  • Added support for the voucher payment type.
AgentCASH v4.0.15 (7th March 2019)
  • Fixed a crash during inventory report export.
  • Removed obsolete code that slowed down API responses.
AgentCASH v4.0.14 (6th March 2019)
  • Inventory report improvements (include comps, include YTD stats, ratio calculation tweaks, better export file names).
AgentCASH v4.0.13 (4th March 2019)
  • Inventory report improvements (per client feedback).
  • Product filtering by purchasable/sellable (in the admin UI).
  • Send daily reports job optimisations.
AgentCASH v4.0.12 (2nd March 2019)
  • Migrated frozen field data into a separate DB table.
  • New PMS codes for France.
  • Further improvements of inventory reports.
AgentCASH v4.0.11 (28th February 2019)
  • Inventory report improvements.
AgentCASH v4.0.10 (27th February 2019)
  • Fixed PMS payment type codes for France.
  • Fixed a crash during reports export to XLSX (too long sheet name in French).
AgentCASH v4.0.9 (26th February 2019)
  • Added the “course away” message to printed receipts.
  • Added payment amount rounding to two decimal places (resolves some subtle problems with external integrators).
AgentCASH v4.0.8 (25th February 2019)
  • Fixes for exceptions caught during the pilot phase in France.
AgentCASH v4.0.7 (25th February 2019)
  • Temporarily revert the virtual register change for non-French merchants.
  • Inventory improvements: generate a stock adjustment when a stocktake changes expected inventory levels.
  • NF 525: Upload monthly fiscal archive for French merchants.
  • Merchant’s pickup outlet can be cleared again.
AgentCASH v4.0.6 (20th February 2019)
  • Taxes can now be marked with a PMS code.
  • Further DB query optimisations of payment/invoice searches.
AgentCASH v4.0.5 (20th February 2019)
  • Inventory management improvements.
  • Further DB query optimisations of payment/invoice searches.
AgentCASH v4.0.4 (19th February 2019)
  • DB query optimisations of payment/invoice searches.
AgentCASH v4.0.3 (18th February 2019)
  • Ability to join sent offers with uninvoiced payments and issue an invoice for them.
AgentCASH v4.0.2 (15th February 2019)
  • Fixed sign up from within the application.
  • Protected public forms with reCAPTCHA.
  • Fixed some exports returning just 25 items.
AgentCASH v4.0.1 (14th February 2019)
  • Inventory document editing unblocked in the admin UI.
  • Sign up form improvements.
AgentCASH v4.0.0 (13rd February 2019)
  • NF 525 support.
  • Opt out of transactional emails.
AgentCASH v3.8.10 (23rd January 2019)
  • Forcing use of HTTPS on custom domains
  • Show a warning in the admin UI when VAT is disabled for a product and the merchant is VAT registered.
AgentCASH v3.8.9 (21st January 2019)
  • Fixed the problem of web shop cart not transferring between a custom domain to the checkout flow.
  • Improved handling of WooCommerce sync errors.
AgentCASH v3.8.8 (8th January 2019)
  • The highest VAT rate is now pre-selected when creating a new product and the merchant is VAT registered.
AgentCASH v3.8.7 (7th January 2019)
  • Added a disclaimer to the web offer page about it not being an invoice.
  • Fixed shop map display on custom domains.
AgentCASH v3.8.6 (21st December 2018)
  • Maintenance release.
AgentCASH v3.8.5 (20th December 2018)
  • Voided items are no longer printed on order summary receipt.
  • Open orders can be toggled through web interface.

AgentCASH v3.8.4 (19th December 2018)
  • Added support for new "Voucher" payment type.
  • Various bug fixes around inventory management and invoice cancellation.
AgentCASH v1.6.9 (26th October 2015)
This release includes several new features:
  • New and shiny sidebar in the admin UI.
  • Added list of cash drawer sessions.
  • Merchant outlets are fiscalised automatically upon merchant certificate upload.
  • Added support for Slovenian merchant certificates.
  • Added support for Slovenian invoice and outlet fiscalization.
AgentCASH v1.6.7.5 (21st October 2015)
This is a hotfix release which includes:
  • Added Slovenian localisation to cash drawer receipt template
  • Added the tags page to the blog section
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter metadata to blog posts for improved sharing experience
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