12. Merging orders

Requirements for merging orders:

  • Two or more orders must be selected.
  • Only the user with administrator permission can merge his orders with others.


  • The user who has cashier permission can merge only his own orders.


Note: If a cashier wants to merge his order with another cashier, the ownership of the order must be transferred to the same cashier. Only the order from the same cashier can be merged.

To merge orders:

  1. Tap on the 'three lines' icon and select Open checks in the menu. Here you will find the list of taken orders.
  2. Tap on the merge icon Screen_Shot_2018-02-01_at_16.52.17.png at the top of the screen.
  3. Check the boxes of the orders you want to merge.
  4. Click on the MERGE to execute.

After merging, a new order is created containing items from the merged orders. Time of the latest order is assigned to the new (merged) order. Once the orders have been merged, you can split them into multiple orders afterwards.


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