Creating a pricebook

Bizzon allows you to manage multiple pricebooks, which can be applied to certain items, particular outlets, or even all outlets!

For example, you might want to sell take away meals or coffee-to-go at different prices, and this is the most convenient way to regulate it. The example below enables all items from 'breakfast', 'mains', and 'brunch' at different prices as a take out option on 'Global Eats Drive In' outlet.


Here's how to create a price book:

  1. Sign in to the web dashboard as an administrator,
  2. in the main menu, select Products -> Pricebooks.
  3. to add a pricebook click on the +ADD button.
  4. enter a title of a price-book (i.e. take away) under the Name label, 
  5. In the Type drop-down menu, select a type of a price-book:
    • automatic,
    • manual,
    • eat-in, or
    • take out.
  6. In the Outlets drop-down menu, select an outlet to which you wish to apply this price-book.
    You can also apply it to all outlets.
  7. Additionally, you can define a time frame in which you wish to apply the pricebook.
  8. Select one or more items you wish to add to a pricebook in the Items drop-down menu, and/or select one or more product categories.
  9. Click SAVE.
  10. Re-enter the application on your mobile devices to synchronize your app data with the server..

Note: after the pricebook has been created, you need to enable the pricebooks on the outlet.

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