Audit log / event tracking

Do you want to be able to track events on your account?

With Audit log option enabled, the account administrator is able to track the records of changes made by all account users. You can track these event:

  • app unlocked with PIN or password
  • session locked
  • logout
  • order summary printed
  • offline mode activated/deactivated
  • cart cleared
  • item deleted in the cart
  • product
  • modifier
  • category
  • outlet
  • register
  • printer
  • merchant info
  • users
  • e-mail notification
  • open orders
  • opening cash drawer

To get the Audit logs:

  1. Sign in to your account on the web as an administrator,
  2. in the main menu, click on the Settings -> Audit log.

Note: You need to contact our support to activate this option on your merchant account.

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