All cash drawers open at once

When more than one printer (LAN/BT) is added to the same outlet, every time a user enters the app, all printers get connected in the app on a mobile device.

To turn off the printer manually in the app:

  1. Enter the Printer settings in the app.
  2. Choose the printer from the list for which you wish to disable receipt printing. This will affect opening the cash drawers, as well.

If you are not sure which printer in the list should be turned off, print the test receipt in the printer settings and then switch off the Receipt Printing option accordingly.

It is very important that you don't use remove printer option from the printer list in the app. Every time you run the app, all printers which are assigned to that outlet will load again to the app automatically. This is why the printer should be manually turned off in the printer settings in the app. 

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