Purchasable vs. sellable products

Not all items are for sale!
For example, strictly purchasable items could be the raw material or a component of an item available for sale - sellable items.

Sellable items are the ones you are selling - with tax included.

Purchasable items are ordered from a supplier and tracked in your inventory, without a profit margin.

So, a product can be marked as:

  • Purchasable and/or
  • Sellable

This is very important for inventory tracking.

For example:

If you bought a crate of beer with 12 bottles in it, your purchasable item could be a whole crate of beerIn this case, you need to make a sellable item, one bottle.

What about composite products?

When you are creating a composite product, you need to create its components as separate products first. Mark this product (component) as Purchasable if you don't want to sell it as a separate product. Purchasable products will not be visible in the application.

If this product (component) should be available for sale activate Sellable option too.

Products marked as both purchasable and sellable are available for sale, as a component of a composite product, and a separate product


Products marked as purchasable, but not sellable, are available for sale only as a component of a composite product and can not be sold separately.


Among other things, for a purchasable product you can define:

  • Whether it's a sellable item too
  • Its measurement unit (piece, kg, l, slice, box, currency)
  • Unit price 
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