Do I need to log in every time? (register user unlock)

Depending on your security protocols and/or the way you want your app to behave if you're switching the device between its users, you can define when and how do you want Bizzon app to unlock.

Here's how to register user unlock: 

  1. Sign in to a user account on the web, as an administrator,
  2. go to Settings -> General in the main menu,
  3. open the Register user unlock drop-down menu and select: 
    • Allow all - the application will not ask for password or PIN again after you have once signed into the application.
    • Ask for admin password only - the application will ask for password or PIN every time the administrator enters the application.
    • Always ask for a password - the application will ask for password or PIN every time user (either cashier or administrator) enters the application.
  4. Click SAVE to save changes.


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