Sign in all cashiers as account administrator

You'll probably want to speed things up by enabling quick access to all users with a cashier role in any situation.

As an administrator of the user account, you can sign in all cashiers to the application just by one click.
This option becomes very useful if you've cleared the app data as a part of the device maintenance.

Here's how to sign in all cashiers:

  1. Sign in to the application as an administrator,
  2. open the application menu by tapping () in the upper-left corner of the screen,
  3. go to Settings -> Company details,
  4. tap the PULL CASHIERS button to sign in all cashiers to the application. 


All cashiers are now signed in to the application. 

Depending on the registered user unlock settings, the cashier should now be able to enter the application with or without a password or PIN.

Note: Only users with a cashier role can be signed in with this option. An administrator should sign in manually. This step is valid only if cashiers have been signed in to the app prior to the "Pull cashiers" action. 

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