Issuing a partial refund from the app

  1. Sign in to the Bizzon app as an administrator.
  2. Open invoice list ('list' icon on a tablet; app menu () -> 'Invoices' on a smartphone) and select the invoice you wish to make a partial refund for. 
  3. Tap the invoice to see transaction details.
  4. In the transaction details window, and tap the REFUND button. 
    Note: on a smartphone, it is located at the bottom of the page, on a tablet you can find in the top right corner.
  5. Choose between partial or full refund. 20191122_111901.jpg
  6. Tap the PARTIAL REFUND button and select items from the Refundable list. Those items will appear on the To refund list. Optionally, you can write down the reason for the refund. 20191122_111607.jpg
  7. Tap the REFUND in the top right corner to confirm the refund.
  8. A partial refund invoice is created and visible in the transactions list. Tap on it for details.
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