Setting up user PIN

Each time a user re-enters the application, password or PIN (personal identification number) may be required to enter, depending on the user register unlock settings.
In practice, it is more convenient and faster for users with cashier user roles to use PINs instead of passwords, especially if they share the same device and they need to log in or out frequently.

A password contains at least 6 alphanumerical characters (numbers and letters with at least one capital letter; e.g. D3gYNs). For security reasons, it's preferable for passwords to be long and complex.
PIN contains only four digits (e.g. 2849), which makes it more convenient to unlock the register.
It can be used to log in once a user has previously signed in with a password. 


Here's how to set up a user PIN as an administrator:

  1. Sign in as an administrator to the user account on the web,
  2. in the main menu go to Settings -> Users.
  3. select a user from the list you wish to edit and click EDIT or add a new user,
  4. enter New PIN in a four-digit format (e.g. 3349) under the New PIN label,
  5. enter your administrator password under the 
  6. click SAVE.

A user can now unlock the application by using only PIN after they've been previously signed in with the password.

Tip: As an administrator you are able to sign in all cashiers at once and they will be able to unlock the application using only their PIN. 

Here's how to change a PIN as a cashier:

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon user account on the web,
  2. click your username in the bottom left corner of the screen and click My profile,
  3. enter your current password on the line under the Your current password label,Screenshot_2019-10-29_at_15.45.29.png
  4. confirm the new PIN by entering it again on the line under the New PIN label,
  5. click SAVE.
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