Tracking bar inventory

If you wish to track the inventory of liquors, wine bottles, cases and barrels add each of these items on the stock as purchasable products. Create new separate items (i.e. wine by glass, draught) as items with variants (i.e. size: 125ml, 175ml, bottle, pint, half a pint) and add a component to each variation which it contains (i.e. bottle, barrel).

Example 1. - Selling wine by the glass and per bottle

  • Add Wine bottle as a separate item:
    1. Create a new item (i.e. Azania Chenin blanc bottle).
    2. Mark this item as purchasable.
    3. Add Measurement quantity (i.e.0.750) and choose litre (L) for Measurement unit.Screenshot_2018-12-28_at_15.52.09.png
    4. Click SAVE.

Note: By adding this item as purchasable only, this bottle will not be visible in the app as a separate sellable item. This item serves only as a component for another item (i.e. Red wine which is sellable by the glass and bottle).

  • Create  an item i.e. Red Wine:
    1. Create a new item (i.e. Red wine) with variants.
    2. In this case, type Size under the variant name label and add 0.175, 0.250 and bottle as the variant option valuesScreenshot_2018-12-28_at_16.02.48.png
    3. Tap on the tag icon Screenshot_2018-12-28_at_16.04.18.png on each variant and choose a component in the drop-down menu (i.e.Azania Chenin blanc bottle created earlier). For a bottle, enter 0.750 L.Screenshot_2018-12-28_at_16.04.58.png
    4. Click SAVE to save changes.

Note: In the app, when you tap on the item Red wine it will offer you to choose between three options and after the purchase, the stock will be updated.

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