What is the IP address of connected LAN printer?

The IP address of a printer is displayed on a Self Test.

What is a Self Test?

Self Test is a page demonstrating the printer’s ability to work. It contains technical information about the printer such as the printer’s name, the amount of memory the printer has, and status log information which you can use to look up problem codes and its print settings. If we want to find out the IP address of a LAN printer, we can find it on the Self Test.

Here's how to perform a self-test and identify the IP address of a connected LAN printer:

  1. Connect the printer via LAN cable to the router.
  2. Turn OFF the printer.
  3. Press the FEED button and while holding it, turn ON the printer.
  4. After the first sound beep, release the FEED button. The printer will print two reports. Read the IP address from the second paper.

For supported LAN printers check this list.

Note: Contact your network administrator to set up the printer IP address to static.

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