How to find out MAC address of a connected mPOP

Pair mPOP with your mobile phone or tablet.

Download mPOP Utility app from the Google Play (Android) or Apple store (iOS).

Enter the mPOP Utility app and in the Settings -> Selected Device tap on the Unselected State tab. 


Choose your connected mPOP from the list of connected devices (i.e. STAR mPOP-K****). 


The STAR mPOP-K**** now shows as a selected device.


This means that your MAC address is: 00:12:F3:2B:FD:48


Add the MAC address of your connected mPOP printer to the outlet of the dashboard for your user account via Bizzon web dashboard (Settings -> Outlets)

Now you can assign various product categories to this printer (for example, cocktails, appetizers), it's up to you to decide what will be sent to the printer and printed.



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