Setting up outlet printer preferences

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon administrator user account on the web.
  2. Go to Settings->Outlets.
  3. Select an outlet from the list and click EDIT.
  4. Scroll down to Printers section.
  5. Click NEW PRINTER to assign a new printer to the outlet or select a printer from the list and click EDIT to edit printer preferences:
  6. Screen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_14.29.30.png
    • Enter a Printer name (i.e. Bar 1, Kitchen, Reception).
    • Select a Printer class (Star/Epson/Generic) in the dropdown menu: Screen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_14.31.38.png
    • Select printer connectivity (BT, USB, LAN, Cloud): Screen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_14.33.22.png
    • Set Auto-print modeScreen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_14.33.33.png         Note: This can be configured manually for each mobile device, in the Bizzon app.
    • Set Page widthScreen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_14.36.55.png
    • Enter IP or MAC Address:
      • for a LAN printer enter the IP address (i.e.*
      • for a BT printer enter MAC address (i.e. 123:12:33:44).**
    • Set Receipt type for this printer (multiple options are supported):
      • Receipt
      • Cash drawer
      • Order
      • Order stub                                                                                                                                  Note: Make sure these options are enabled in the Bizzon app.
    • Set product Categories to be printed by this printer (i.e. for the restaurant outlet select Food category).
    • Enter Model of a printer (i.e. TSP 100).

6. Click SAVE to save changes.

* Find the IP address

** Find mPOP MAC address 

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