Setting up outlet printer preferences

You can set up your printers via web dashboard, too.
This option makes setting up printers on multiple mobile devices and/or multiple outlets easier.

Another benefit of setting up printer preferences of the web dashboard is the possibility to configure order printers to print particular categories only, (e.g. sending only cocktail orders to the cocktail bar printer, food to the kitchen printer, etc.).

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon administrator user account on the web,
  2. in the main menu, go to Settings -> Outlets,
  3. select an outlet from the list and click EDIT.
  4. Scroll down to Printers section:
    • Click NEW PRINTER to assign a new printer to the outlet, or
    • select a printer from the list and click EDIT.
  5. Enter a Printer name (i.e. Bar 1, Kitchen, Reception).
  6. Select a Printer class (Star/Epson/generic, etc) in the drop-down menu: Screenshot_2019-11-12_at_11.54.50.png
  7. Select printer connectivity (BT, USB, LAN, Cloud): Screen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_14.33.22.png
  8. Set Auto-print modeScreenshot_2019-11-12_at_11.57.07.png        
  9. Set Page width:
  10. Enter IP (for LAN printers) or MAC address (for Bluetooth printers):
    • for a LAN printer enter the IP address (i.e.*
    • for a BT printer enter MAC address (i.e. 123:12:33:44).** 
  11. Set one or more Receipt type for this printer:
    • Receipt
    • Cash drawer
    • Order
    • Order stub
      Note: Make sure these options are enabled in the Bizzon application!
  12. Set product Categories to be printed by this printer
  13. Enter Model of a printer (i.e. TSP 100). 

12. Click SAVE to save changes.

* Find the IP address

** Find mPOP MAC address 

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