How long it takes for card transactions to be deposited to your bank?

When it comes to transactions, the bank is responsible for the settlement. Bizzon provides a gateway that verifies the communication between the card-issuing bank and the acquiring bank.

The settlement usually takes 3-4 working days, but if you want to know the exact time of a transaction, we advise you to inquire at the bank by following the instructions below.. 

UK merchants

Barclaycard has a web portal where you can see a list of all transactions, download statements, see all the costs, etc. 

The registration screen can be found at 

In order to register you will need your merchant identification number and the details of your last invoice/statement to hand.  
Multiple users per merchant are allowed to register. Please note that each user will need to register for each individual billing point to which they require access separately. 

Once registered, the login screen can be found at

We strongly recommend saving the link above to your browser favourites as this is not visible from Barclaycard's main website.

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