How can I create a happy hour?

You can define as many promotions as you wish that will automatically apply within a given time frame.

Here's how to define a happy hour or any other promotion that applies to a specific time:

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon administrator user account on the web.
  2. In the main menu go to Products -> Promotions.
  3. Click the +ADD button.
  4. To activate the promotion move the slider Active to the right. 
  5. Enter the promotion Name.
  6. Select Promotion type in the dropdown menu:
    • for the Fixed price enter the price of the items included in the promotion (i.e. draught beer pint for £3)
    • for the Discount enter discount amount (i.e. £1 cheaper) or percentage (i.e. 50% on beers)
  7. Define the Times (days and hours) to which the promotion is applied. Screenshot_2019-10-29_at_11.38.27.png
  8. If the promotion time varies, click on the + sign to define a new time frame for the promotion. Screenshot_2019-10-29_at_11.40.57.png
  9. If your promotion applies to certain customer groups only, select a customer group in the drop-down list.
  10. In the SELECT GROUPS section, Name the group i.e. Alcohol Drinks, Draught Beer, etc.
    • In the Count field, add the number of drinks required to trigger the promotion.
    • In the Product dropdown menu choose a product, product type, or a product variant and select all items to which promotion applies. Screenshot_2019-10-29_at_11.53.47.png
  11. Click SAVE.

Note: if you are unsure whether the promotion you've created is the right one, the automatically generated description will let you know. See the picture below.


When the items are added to the cart during the happy hour, a discount is being calculated automatically.



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