Creating a bundle (starter+main+dessert)

  1. Sign in to your Bizzon administrator user account on the web.
  2. In the main menu go to Settings->Products->Promotions.
  3. Click the +ADD button.
  4. To activate the promotion move the slider Active to the right. Screenshot_2019-07-18_at_16.57.00.png
  5. Enter the promotion Name.                                                         Screenshot_2019-07-18_at_16.58.42.png
  6. Select Promotion type in the dropdown menu:          Screenshot_2019-07-18_at_16.59.42.png
    • for the Fixed price enter the Price (£) of the bundle
    • for the Discount enter Price (£) or Percentage (%)
    • for the Cheapest discount enter the discount preferences (£ or %) that will apply to the cheapest item in the bundle
    • select Cheapest free option to give away the cheapest item in the bundle
  7. Define the Times (days and hours) to which the promotion is applied. Screenshot_2019-07-18_at_17.21.43.png
  8. Additionally, define a different Times for other days by clicking on the + sign Screenshot_2019-07-18_at_17.20.53.png
  9. In the SELECT GROUPS section, add groups for each course (starter, main, dessert) to create a bundle:
    • Name the first group Starter.
    • In the Count field, add the number of starters that enter the promotion.Screenshot_2019-07-19_at_10.45.14.png
    • In the Product dropdown menu choose a product or a product variant and select all items to which promotion applies. Screenshot_2019-07-19_at_11.24.59.png
    • To add a new group click on the ADD GROUP button.
  10. Click SAVE.

Note: To set up this kind of promotion, contact our support to enable courses on your user account.

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