Setting up a static IP address for LAN pirnter

Network printers, both in Wireless LAN and Ethernet (Wired LAN) Interface versions, offer the greatest configuration flexibility and operational versatility. From the point of view of the merchant, network printers offer the most utility with the least amount of inputs (in comparison with USB or Bluetooth printers).

From the technical support point of view, printers with a network interface can be monitored and configured almost entirely remotely which greatly reduces the need for the on-site technical support provisioning. 

Provided that printers are unpacked, placed, wired (in case of Ethernet) and powered all the rest can be performed through remote access. Since our clients are predominantly using Android OS, below is a guide on how to configure Star TSP100 printers by remotely controlling a Samsung device. 

On printer:

  1. Make sure everything is properly connected and powered (check paper roll as well).
  2. Check whether the mobile device and the printer are on the same network. 
  3. Run a Feed Test.

In the web browser:

  1. Open a web browser and type in the IP address from the Feed Test. 
  2. Login to the Star Network Utility:
        User: root
        Pass: public
  3. Press cancel at the prompt below (OK leads to the password change). Annotation_2019-11-06_122755.jpg
  4. Change IP Parameters (make sure the Dynamic is turned off).
  5. Enter the values from the Feed Test.
  6. Submit -> Save -> Configuration printing -> Restart device -> Execute

The printer will reboot after which you can try a Test Receipt (assuming it has already been configured from the Bizzon web administration and added locally in the app).

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