Sending courses to the kitchen separately

If your restaurant account has courses enabled, you will be able to group your orders by courses.

You can create (and name) as many as you wish via web dashboard, but we are going to use the most common ones in this example: 'starter', 'main' and 'dessert'.

Saving the order sends the entire order to the kitchen printer, but in certain situations, you may want to notify the kitchen staff by additionally sending the order courses separately.  
For example, this method may be very useful if you want to serve the main course as fresh or hot as it can get, straight out of the oven!

Here's how to send courses to the kitchen printer separately:

  1. Tap the 'Pin' icon in the app menu.
    Here you will find the list of taken orders.
  2. Find the order with the course that needs to be sent to the kitchen and tap its three-dot icon.
  3. Tap '(course name) away' to send a single course to the kitchen.

When you repeat the steps for the same order again, you will notice that the previously sent courses will have a tick () mark next to them.
In the example below, the 'starter' and 'main' courses are already sent to the kitchen printer.



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