Multiple warehouses and stock transfers

You can use as many warehouses as you wish, and each warehouse can be linked to a different outlet.

If you are using more than one warehouse, you need to enable multiple warehouses.
Here's how to do that:

  1. Log in to your web dashboard as an administrator,
  2. in the main menu, go to Settings -> General,
  3. under label Inventory mode select Multiple warehouses in the drop-down menu,
  4. click the SAVE button.

 Note: an outlet can be linked to only one warehouse.


How do I transfer stock between two warehouses?

If you have enabled multiple warehouses, you can make stock transfers between two warehouses.
Here's how:

  1. Log in to your web dashboard as an administrator,
  2. in the main menu go to Inventory -> Stock transfers,
  3. click the +ADD button,
  4. enter a stock transfer number under the Stock transfer no. label (not mandatory),
  5. enter the time and date of transfer (current time and date will be automatically assigned),
  6. select source and destination warehouses in the drop-down menus,
  7. under item label, select an item in the drop-down menu and enter the quantity that you wish to transfer from the source warehouse to the destination warehouse,
    (alternatively, you can upload a .CSV file with products and quantities),
  8. repeat the last step for all products you wish to transfer and, optionally, leave a note under the Notes label,
  9. if you wish to save for further editing without execution, click SAVE and it will be labeled as draft,
  10. if you wish to finish and close the transfer, click EXECUTE.

Once you execute the stock transfer all given item quantities will move from the source warehouse to the destination warehouse.

Note: there can be only one source warehouse and only one destination warehouse per transfer).

You can later delete closed and saved stock transfers from the list by selecting the transfer and clicking the trash can mceclip0.png button.


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