Advanced inventory!

By using our advanced inventory you can finally get rid of piles of paper and make your inventory management fully digital!

The advanced inventory tracks your inventory flow in detail by keeping track of your purchases. This makes Bizzon a powerful tool that provides greater insight and tracks your items even before their purchase to the moment of their sale!

Note: to activate advanced inventory, please contact our customer support team.


Ok, so what's different?

Let's start with the purchasable products.


Once you've enabled the advanced inventory, you will notice that besides Sellable and Inventory tracking all products now have a third slider in the warehouse section: Purchasable (see picture above).

The best way to demonstrate this function is through an example.

Let's say we're selling draught beer. We're purchasing the same beer in kegs of 50l, 30l, or 25l yet we want to track how many liters of beer we have in inventory, not the number of kegs.

So, in this case, let's make create a purchasable item named Bizzon craft ale keg 25l.


...and then we'll repeat the same process with the other two keg sizes (e.g. Bizzon craft ale keg 30l, Bizzon craft ale keg 50l).

Once we've done that, we can create a new inventory tracking item named Bizzon craft ale and link the purchasable items we've previously created to it.

This way we can link the inventory tracking item to the sellable item, yet purchase the 25l, 30l, and 50l kegs - our purchasable items!


Is there more?

Yes there is!

You will notice that there are four new sections in your Inventory menu:

  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase deliveries
  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchase returns



Purchase orders

This is where you enter your orders from the suppliers. It is the list of all products ordered from the supplier.

As an example, let's order one 50l keg of beer from supplier Supplier 1.

Basically, this is a wishlist, because the supplier may or may not have all items in all quantities.

After you select all items and a supplier (only one per order), you can click the SAVE button to save as draft for further editing.

Alternatively, you can click the TRANSFORM TO DELIVERY button and the order will appear in the next (Purchase deliveries) section as draft.


Purchase deliveries

If purchase orders are wishlists, purchase deliveries should contain the list of items and quantities which were actually delivered and their updated prices.

That's why we need to update the orders transformed from purchase orders to purchase deliveries made by clicking the TRANSFORM TO DELIVERY button.

Since it's a draft, its invoice status will be Not invoiced.


So, let's say Supplier 1 did not have any 50l kegs available, and the 30l keg was delivered instead.

In this situation, we need to edit the purchase delivery and change the item.


After editing, we can either save the order for further editing by clicking the SAVE button, or click the SAVE TO INVENTORY button to finalize the order, and update the stock!


By clicking the SAVING TO INVENTORY button you will update the stock and change the order status to Closed. You will notice that the invoice status will still remain Not invoiced.

Note: You will still be able to use the stock orders section if you wish (Inventory -> Stock orders).
Basically, it is a purchase order and a purchase delivery combined


Purchase invoices

A supplier may send an invoice with the order delivery, but that is not always the case in practice. The supplier may, for example, send a single invoice for the entire month, per each delivery, or maybe grouped per product type.

This is why the purchase invoice section allows you to select products across multiple deliveries!

If you want to create an invoice:

  1. Click the Purchase invoices option in the side menu,
  2. select a supplier in the drop-down menu,
  3. select a product from an order and the amount to be invoiced (or select a whole order),
  4. click +ADD button,
  5. click the SAVE button.

After you've created a purchase invoice, it will be visible on the purchase invoices list (Inventory -> Purchase invoices).
The order (Inventory -> Purchase deliveries) will be automatically marked as either Fully invoiced if the whole order has been covered by the invoice, or Partially invoiced if only certain items were invoiced.

Purchase returns

If you select a closed purchase order, you will be able to return it by clicking some or all items by clicking the RETURN ITEMS button. After you check the checkbox(es) you can either click the CANCEL button to cancel the action or click the PROCEED button to finalize it.

Clicking the PROCEED button will automatically lead you to the Purchase returns section, where the web dashboard will offer you to either save the return for further editing by clicking the SAVE button or finalizing the action by clicking the EXECUTE button.


Note: the returns can be invoiced and combined with orders, as well.




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