Multiple customers on the same order

  1. Usually, an order is opened for the table, rather than for individual customers seated at the table (which is also possible). This means that an order can be shared by several people.

  2. Anyone who scans the QR code provided can gain access to the opened order on the Order at table interface.

  3. Items can be ordered simultaneously by multiple customers and will be displayed in the cart in a chronological sequence.

  4. In case the same item is added by several people, the item will be added to the cart as a separate line (no additions of same items).

  5. Customers can ask a staff member to split the table order on several split orders. One of the split orders will keep the original url address from the QR code ticket, while for the other splits new QR codes need to be printed.

  6. Each of the customers can then access their split order via QR code and pay for it from the table.
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