Getting started: an overview of the Order at table process

  1. Customers are greeted and seated at their table.
  2. A server takes the first round of items and saves the order.
  3. Saved order can be found in the Saved check menu and from there loaded back to the cart.
  4. Print order QR code then needs to be selected from the options menu, which will print a ticket with the QR code on the receipt printer.


  5. The server then brings the ticket with the QR code to the customer.


  6. The customer uses a smartphone camera to scan the code and open the order. Alternatively, the order URL found on the tickets can be entered directly in the web browser to open the Order at table interface.
  7. The URL leads the customer to the order previously opened by the server; customer can continue adding items to the order.
  8. Multiple people seated at the table can use the same order QR code (or URL) to order items from the menu.
  9. Customers can also select Add-ons and jot down notes that will appear on the order ticket.


  10. Each of the items added by the customers appears for staff approval in the application interface.
  11. A server can approve items (which will print appropriate order tickets) or can Reject items which will mark them as Voided (Void reason needs to be selected). The server can also apply discounts and complimentary reasons.
  12. When they are ready to pay, customers can do so from their table or call on the server and pay in the usual way.
  13. Customers can split the bill by asking the server to split the order in multiple orders.
  14. Receipts for the orders paid at the table need to be printed manually.








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