Navigating Order at table interface

Order at table interface is a webshop with an opened order connected to the customer’s table. It brings an interactive restaurant menu to the customers' fingertips thereby eliminating the need for unnecessary face to face interactions.


  1. Scanning the QR code or opening the URL from the browser lands you on the home page of the Order at table interface with a unique order (tab) already opened.


  2. You can check the contents of your order by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right corner; you can select Browse the menu in order to continue ordering, or you can pay for the already ordered items and close this order.

  3. The menu items are displayed vertically and are grouped per product category. Product categories are displayed horizontally towards the top of the screen, allowing quicker navigation through the menu.


  4. Selecting a menu item opens a new page where you can determine the quantity and choose the add on options. Instructions for choosing of add-ons can be set in the web administration portal ( Edit product section, Description text box). The order process proceeds by pressing the Add to my order button.


  5. Before being added to the cart, the order needs to be verified by pressing on the View & confirm order button. From this point, the item can be cancelled or its quantity changed; list of already ordered items can be inspected; a discount promo code can be applied, and; a note to be displayed on the order ticket can be jotted down.


  6. Discount promo codes are optional and should be communicated to customers in case there are active and applicable discounts. Discount entered through a promo code will apply to the entire order.

  7. Note displayed on the order ticket can convey important information for the servers and the kitchen staff, such as preparation methods, ingredients to include or omit etc. Notes can be added successively with every new item added.

  8. Once the item has been reviewed, pressing the Add to my order button will send it for approval to the restaurant staff.

  9. Unconfirmed items will display their status as Pending. Once the staff processes the order, the item will gain either status Confirmed (if Accepted) or VOID (if Rejected).


  10. The order cannot be closed from the web if it contains unconfirmed items (items in status Pending).

  11. The order can be paid for directly from the table by pressing on the Pay button.
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