Approval of Orders from tables

  1. Items added by the customers need to be approved in the Bizzon application by the restaurant staff.

  2. Ordered items can be Accepted in three sections of the application, however, they can be Rejected only from the Digital orders segment of the application.




  3. New items can be accepted from the Cart options when the order is loaded; from the Saved checks section by clicking on the order options button; and from the Digital orders section.

  4. Unconfirmed items from a single order will be bundled in the Digital orders section. From there they can be Accepted or Rejected as a bundle.

  5. In case the specific item(s) from the list need to be rejected, the bundle needs to be accepted and then the individual item voided from the cart.

  6. If an item is Rejected, a Void reason will need to be selected. The status of the rejected item will be displayed as Void both in the Cart and on the Order at table interface.

  7. Staff can apply item discounts as well as complimentary reasons for specific items or the whole order. 

  8. Syncing of Orders from the table is paused while the Cart view is selected in the application. To see the order updates (i.e. newly requested items), the application should be displaying either the Saved checks or the Digital orders section.


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