Creating a table layout

A table layout is a specific arrangement of tables and other spatial elements in an area in which guests are served. One area (a dining hall, a bar, an outside terrace etc.) can have multiple layouts that are customized towards different purposes. For example, you can have different table layouts for regular days and special events. Once created, layouts can be switched with a simple layout selector. Layouts can be assigned to any of your outlets. You can use a single layout on multiple outlets, or have a different layout for each outlet. 

Getting started with the table management begins with creating a table layout.

1. In order to do so, please go to the web administration portal, Settings -> Layouts and press the + CREATE LAYOUT button.  

2. Assign a name for the layout (e.g. Regular layout, Wedding layout, Bar layout etc.)

3. Add tables by pressing the corresponding button. 

4. Each table is characterized by two things: the table name and the number of covers. 

5. Table names are most often numerical (Table 1, Table 2 etc.) but they can also be descriptive (Corner table, Oval table etc.). 

6. Covers designate the capacity of the table, i.e. how many people can be seated and served at the table. 

7. Already created table can be simply deleted by clicking on the bin icon next to it. 

8. Once the layout is populated with tables that comprise it, the layout can be marked as Active. Active status means that it is available for selection in the Bizzon application. Conversely, turning the slider off will remove the layout from the list of available layouts in the application. 

9. Click on the SAVE button at the bottom in order to apply the changes made. 

Visual representation of the table layout is discussed in the Layout editor section. 


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